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Productivity on the moveWhether you’re a small business owner or an employee who regularly travels, you’ll know that feeling of being in the middle of a crowded coffee shop and wanting to shush everyone so you can just get through a few emails and practice your presentation. Are you nodding? Yup, you and I have similar struggles.

You see, I love to travel by train, it makes my time super productive – I can work while someone else takes care of the driving. However, there is an implication for finding a ‘quiet space’ to catch up. We don’t have the luxury of our car to escape for 5 minutes, to return an urgent call or practice what we’ll say in our super-important sales meeting.

Where to go, to get some privacy

Then a friend suggested I try DayUse. In short, you can ‘rent’ a luxury hotel room, during the day, for a fraction of the cost of an overnight stay. Head on over to their website now, do a quick search for the towns and cities you travel to regularly and you’ll be surprised at the choice on offer.

Why go to the expense of a hotel room?

I try to avoid the term ‘expense’ – as a small business owner I find spending money difficult. Every penny that goes out, is a penny taken directly from my pocket – at least that’s how it feels. So, why would I ‘indulge’ in this apparent luxury?

Well, it’s simple. The more productive I am, the more money I make. So, if I can spend 2 productive hours in a room, on my own, with a cup of coffee and a decent internet connection – I’ll take it. I can earn more in that 2-hour period than the room costs me, i.e. I make a profit.

But there’s more …

Not only have I covered the cost of the room, but I’m also ready for whatever I do next. If I’m off to a sales meeting I’m prepared. I’m calm, collected and I’ve even had a chance to freshen up.

It’s not just for singles …

I’m not suggesting you use a hotel room for your next business meeting, you have to consider when these rooms are appropriate, but I wouldn’t dismiss them for groups.  If you have a team of people who need a quiet space to work, this could be ideal. Most of us have been to team days where we’re asked to work in small groups and then left in one big room, the volume gets so loud you can’t hear yourself think. Well, this could be the answer.

What are your top travel tips?

If you’re a regular business traveler – what are your top tips for staying connected and productive? Tell us in the comments below or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

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